About us

If you have everything, how about new stimulus? This was the starting point of Vivaldi Lifestyles.

Vivaldi Group, a multi-location company  noticed that the market offered nothing new so far as the stone color, nature, the finish or the ways of display was concerned. The designers and home owners would find same conventional stone yards in and around town. The research showed that at least 40 percent of the exotic and rare stones that are available worldwide have never been seen in the Texas markets. With the passion and vision of the owners, the boutique opened its doors to the Houstonians with a huge collection of rare and exotic never-seen-before onyx, granite, marble, quartzite from all around the world. We feel very proud when we hear from the customers that the “The Showroom looks like an Art Gallery”. 

Visit, The Stone Boutique and experience the nature's creation of art on natural stone.

The Stone Boutique